Mechanical Applications –Machinery Maintenance - Steel Fabrication

Company Profile

METALKAT S.A. began its activities in 1982, with Mechanical applications in steel and aluminium industry.

Present Situation

After years of dynamic presence, METALKAT S.A. is already established and well known, in its field, being a first choice partner for many large scale industries, covering simultaneously their major needs in:
- Mechanical applications
- Machinery maintenance
- Steel/Combined fabrication
- Crane Bridges

More than ten collaborators, alumni of superior faculties, compose the administrative organisation in the projects. The company, located near the industrial area of Oinofita, has its factory, a  fully functinal 6000m2 workspace, where our crew of steel fabrication is settled in

The company faces the customer with honesty and professionalism, individualising his demands and proposing him the best technical and cost effective solutions. We aim in a long-lasting relationship to the benefit of us both.

The projects we undertake are done with high professional morals and responsibility, applying all the rules of craft and follow with loyalty the regulations of safety that are in effect.

We try to keep up a highly educated personnel, technologically informed as well as specialized and on that basis we proudly deliver top quality results.

The company's administration is loyally committed in the behest of quality and in the process of permanent improvement of the qualitative characteristics of the company.

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