METALKAT S.A.:has a wide range of activities, within the aluminum and steel industry as well as main street.

-We have undertaken a plethora of large scale mechanical projects, installations/uninstallations/costumization of industrial machinery

-has collaborated with world wide industries (Siemens, ABB, KCI Koncranes, etc.) for the construction and installation of heavy machinery (foundries, presses, furnaces, extruders, coil lines, etc.)

-has constructed a good amount of steel buildings all over the greek territory,

-has constructed and installed numerous crane bridges,either typical or customized, of 1 and up to 200tons lifting capacity

Archiving photos is not our specialty, yet a sample of our work speaks for itself.


Crane Beams/Bridge - Casino Mon Parnes Parnitha, Greece                       4000m2 steel buildings Venus marble - Keratea, Greece


Heat treatment line - Samuel Strapping Ohaio, USA                                         Podium, roller bridge - M.J Maillis Inofita, Greece



30TN Crane Bridge - Apogevmatini newspaper, Greece                             Residues Collection Line - Kommotini Ceramics, Greece