METALKAT S.A., among other things, deals and allocates big experience in the design, study, manufacture and construction of modern light and heavy steel constructions  for accommodation of professional fields, but also residences. Offices, industries, factories, centres of storage and distribution of merchandises, but also open shelters,of light type for cover of grounds and open spaces.
The design and study is done according to the European codes.



The metal manufactures have long tradition in the field of building projects of large size. Nowadays, with the technological development in the lining materials, in the methods of dye and in the insulating materials, they constitute the most convenient solution for industrial buildings, athletic installations, supermarkets, commercial buildings, buildings of offices, but also for residences.


The materials in use have high specifications of quality, while the factorial production is integral. Specifically for the earth quaking region of Greece, the manufacture of steel frames, articulated in the base, guarantees the complete ductility. The future is datum that it is built from steel. A piece from the future is also the known in all of us skyscrapers. These giant buildings are the answer in the curious but usual question even if and how much the steel buildings bear in the earthquake. The steel buildings provide safety toward each meteorological phenomenon, even in that of lightnings as they constitute a cage, which transfers the electricity in the ground functioning as earth wire. The links of stiffness (cross) and the contemporary methods of unions that are used in this type of buildings, but also the panels themselves of incrustation. provide the safety that is required against horizontal positive charges, as those of wind and earthquake.


The variety of lining materials, the coloured combinations and the attention in the details give in our buildings, a special look that covers all the architectural requirements.
The choice of steel as the main material, by which the frame of building will be constituted, automatically "unties our hands" concerning the shape of a building. We can, with comparatively minimal cost, achieve architectural shapes that are inaccessible or sometimes and impossible to be achieved with other materials as the armed concrete, the timber, the masonry from stones etc.
The biggest miracles of modern architecture are made because of the existence of steel in their organism. The known to all of us skyscrapers, the bridges of enormous openings and so much other would be unthinkable without the existence of steel in their organism.
The modern materials as glass panes, cassettes of aluminium, steel and inox, undulate and trapezoid sheet-metal, wooden panels etc. as well as new methods of construction of walls of filling of mixed manufactures involve real revolution in the design and the functionalism without being excluded the traditional ways of appearance. The difference lies exclusively in the frame of building. The exterior look is henceforth our choice.


The extension of the building can be done fast and simply, as also and its disassembly and its transfer. Thus, one can build even in rented plot.


The longest time for the arrival of materials in the worksite is 2 with 3 months. In this interval the foundation and the flooring can be manufactured. The time of assembly ranges according to the surface of the building from 1 until 3 months.


The economy is incidental to the buildings from steel.
The comparison with other ways of construction of buildings or bridges is overwhelmingly favourable for the use of steel in the organism.
In the reduction of cost contribute factors as:

  • Incomparable speed of construction.

  • Big difference of cost of buildings particularly for big openings or heights.

  • Complete exploitation of space as we do not have big dead spaces from props or joists.

  • The minimum factor of Institution of Social Security that is in effect (All the work that concerns reconstruction concerns in accommodated professions).

  • The increased factors of cover that are imposed in the terms of building (stores except drawing) with the organism from steel, concerning them where their organism is constituted by concrete, thing that us economises big sums from purchases of ground.

  • The possibility of use of exceedingly possibility of transfer of factor of layout which is prepared to be imported legislatively in our country, with increase of height of buildings.

  • The modern materials that are used for the filling of these buildings have small proportion of cost to output.

  • The buildings can be disassembled completely afterwards the end of their use, gaining the least cost of demolition.

  • They are easily expanded. Simply enough most of the times the abstraction of materials of filling and the addition of more elements in the organism.

  • They can bring openings and also hundreds of metres without intermediate prop giving moreover space in the construction with the reduction of dead spaces.

  • They particularly have small cost of maintenance if they are used with the suitable dyes or galvanism of the frame before the placement.

  • They do not present problems with the earthquake with consequence the lack of need for after earthquake repairs.

  • Their practically unlimited time of life concerning the conventional (fragile) layout of armed concrete of which the damages in the time are not reversible.